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Nolala Land

5 900 Ft


“It’s a soul sense of pride
Good lord, the South is blind”

As a new thing, we started to use bourbon barrels for aging that were previously filled with maple syrup. Well, it turned out pretty awesome, it gave us much more taste than we would ever thought. As the cherry on top, we added a decent amount of handroasted pecan nuts to enhance the pleasure even more so we invite you to dive under with us to the depths of this woody, thick and nutty swamp.

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Nolala Land

Maple Syrup Barrel-aged Imperial Stout With Pecan Nuts


600 g


víz, árpamaláta, zabmaláta, zabpehely, pekándió, pörkölt árpamaláta, komló, élesztő

BA Imperial Stout

500 ml

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