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Great Fireballs Of Fire


Oh, you cinnamonical phantasmagoria, rise now and come to life!

Adding cinnamon to your beer is almost always a good idea, but this time we really wanted to create something crazy (to be honest, we do this on a daily basis). We used tons of cinnamon sticks and roasted them well, so we ended up with a more intense and sharp flavor that pairs well with the red fruity-caramelly-nutty base embracing perfectly the sweetness of the unfermented honey. Not gonna lie, it’s not that hard to figure out the source of inspiration here, as we tried to get the same intense, hot, cinnamon flavors as the infamous whiskey liquor goes. If you ask us, we nailed it.

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Great Fireballs of Fire

Port Wine Barrel-aged Barley Wine With Cinnamon And Honey

1200 g


Barrel aged barleywine

víz, árpamaláta, muscovado cukor, méz, komló, élesztő, fahéj

500 ml

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