Egomaniac Ekuanot

When Egomaniac came out in 2018, we introduced a hop addition of 30g/liter which was by that time the most anyone has ever done in Hungary. By now, we are pretty sure, that this is not the case anymore, but we still consider this one a really nice recipe for a beer.

Egomaniac is single-hop, trying to showcase the very characteristic of a single variety of hops. Originally this was Citra, then in the August of 2020, we’ve done it with Simcoe, so in 2021 it was Ekuanot’s turn with all the citrus-oriented together with hints of melon, berry, apple and papaya.

Ekuanot was first released back in 2014 as ‘Equinox’, but it’s still a favorite for a few of us here in the brewery, that’s why we never hesitated to rebrew Egomaniac this way!



Egomaniac Ekuanot

DDH DIPA with Ekuanot

460 g


440 ml doboz

víz, árpamaláta, búzamaláta, zabmaláta, zabpehely, komló, élesztő

Double Dry-Hopped DIPA