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Tennessee Dice Roller

The massive, creamy, well rounded, dark base together with the home roasted almonds and real Madagascan vanilla, supported by lactose is working out fine already on its own, but we cordially invite you to do a bit of blending beyond this. Our favorite Danish Christmas almond dessert (that’s risalamande, we presented it in the form of Memphis Mafia) wouldn’t be the same without the cherry on top, so we kindly recommend you try it as well with the also new QUEEN OF GRACELAND… The ratio of the Imperial Milk Shake Pale Ale with Sour Cherry and Coconut addition is of course up to you, and we’re looking forward to your best recipes!

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Out of stock

Tennessee Dice Roller

Imperial Stout with Almond and Vanilla

340 g


Imperial Stout

330 ml can

water, malted barley, flaked oats, almond, caramelized oatmalt, lactose, roasted barley, hops, yeast, vanilla

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