MAD SCIENTIST’s separate alternative fermentation plant with long maturing processes… and a lot of patience. 

What is MadX?

Well, it started out as a project name for a concept we were talking for a while. While we were looking for a better suiting name, it obviously stuck. 

MadX is a separate plant with alternative fermentation and long maturing processes, using mostly oak barrels for ageing. There’s a lot of people crazy for these stlye of beers and some of the most talented are working in this facility. We were drinking their beers for fun, but now you can join the fun as we put these beers on the market!

We’re using mixed cultures of lacto, pedo and brett and this project finally enable us to use real, whole fruits (sometimes together with their seeds and skins) from the farm, right to the table. These unique creations rest in oak barrels; mostly Hungarian white and red wine ones, but we’re also using bigger champagne foeders. We’ve been putting the barrels into work, waited and we have some results flying in: 

  • When we are writing this, more than 20 MadX beers and traditional meads were made here.
  • We have beers that already spent 18 months in barrels and still not ready… Don’t worry, will let you know when it will be!
  • Quality is key: we are using locally sourced  and Hungarian fruits, honey, spices and other special ingredients. There are batches where we used over 600 kilos of sour cherries in a 1000 liter brew
  • We have more than 18 000 liters of beers in barrels, tanks and amforas waiting for Father Time to do it’s job. 

A little background for the inception of MadX: in 2018 we had to set up a course of what is going to be the future of Mad Scientist. Should we go for bigger, stay with quality or find a different way. These decisions are stressful and can impact the next couple of years of a brewery. If we take the wrong turn, we can end up in the ditch. Or it can catapult us into space and different dimensions. As we were standing in the rubble of the new brewery parts we made the only decision that was right: we take a direction that excites us and tickles our fantasy. MadX is a huge part of that. 

This whole project needs time, trust, and long-term commitment. And boy are we commited… This is how can and want to evolve, renew and be better. Join us!