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Blackcurrant Trifle Junior

The infamous Blackcurrant Trifle returns for the first time in the revisited form of a lighter gose in cans and kegs. The Blackcurrant Trifle Junior is both sweet and sour at the same time, with a bursting fruity mouthfeel and a semi-dry red wine finish that is just screaming for the next sip. Our favorite fruit hasn’t let us down this time either, and the playfulness due to the “restrained” abv guarantees that it won’t be just a one-can adventure!

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Blackcurrant Trifle Junior

Fruited Gose With Blackcurrant & Vanilla

460 g



440 ml can

water, malted barley, flaked wheat, lactose, blackcurrant, hops, yeast, vanilla, table salt

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