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Surface Pressure

2 170 Ft

SMOOTHIE SOUR! The last release within our Belgian series, a hidden gem, we obviously went too far with this ine! The orange is dominating at the beginning of the sip, the grapefruit almost all the way through (but now that you’re asking, let’s say it is in the middle), while the blackcurrant is all over at the end, nicely held together by the hoppy character, many things are going on to say at the least, but that’s why it went into 330ml and not a bigger can.

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Surface Pressure

Smoothie Style Belgian IPA With Orange, Grapefruit & Blackcurrant

The Brew Sheet

340 g


orange, blackcurrant, grapefruit, water, hops, lactose, malted barley, malted oats, malted wheat, yeast

330 ml can

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