We are the Mad Scientist

Good in brewing beer. Bad in writing bios. Founded in 2016, based in Budapest, available all over Europe.

Our  renewed site is currently running in test mode, which means we’re not only going to write a proper introduction here, but also our webshop will be fully functional. Until then, all data displayed on this page should be considered to be serving only informational purposes. Or something like this. Thanks for your patience!

Our team


MAD SCIENTIST’s separate alternative fermentation plant with long maturing processes.


Dreams do come true, if you believe in them hard enough. We have believed in Mad Scientist since the beginning, and right from the start, people started to share our belief.

Thanks to Szimpla kert, we now have our own bar inside Budapest’s most famous ruin pub, on the first floor. You can only purchase beer at Labor, but we try to make sure you get a proper one. Labor is designed by us and szimpla together and it aims to be as “mad scientisty” as possible.

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