Good in brewing beer. Bad in writing bios. Founded in 2016, based in Budapest, available all over Europe.

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    • Specials

      Specials (15)

      Our beers in the Specials category are the ones where we are least interested in overrated concepts such as cost-effectiveness or common sense. Seasonal or one-off beers.
    • Mead Scientist

      Mead Scientist (8)

      Honey, fruits, spice, new flavours... and even more honey! For a while we've went on a new path and started to work with locally sourced amazing honey. In the normal brewery and in the alternative fermentation plant too we are constantly putting out fresh batches of meads, melomels, braggots and so much more. If you are into the background of…
    • Mad X

      Mad X (12)

    • Barrel Project

      Barrel Project (1)

      Pre-book the next barrel project bottle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrf36gsikt8
    • Alpha

      Alpha (17)

      Our alpha series is the platform for mostly extreme experiments. When we decide that a creation is ready for our community, we release an alpha. You can expect divisive products here but bear in mind: Smooth Hoperator, Mango Bay and even Liquid Cocaine once were alphas. Look for hidden gems here.

    Our team


    MAD SCIENTIST’s separate alternative fermentation plant with long maturing processes.