Mad Garden Buda

M-Tue-W: closed
Thu: 16:00-23:00
Fri: 16:00-01:00
Sat: 16:00-01:00
Sun: closed

The love child of Mad Kert Beer Garden and Madhouse Budapest Craft Beer Bar & Bistro. We dreamed of a beer garden that can be a truly special place on the Buda side as this new venue will not only be a copy, but the essence of our existing locations.

The shelter in Buda. The patio where the sun shines. A garden with an inclusive atmosphere, a potential jewel box for the Buda community. Not just a copy, but the quintessence of all the Mad Scientist brewery-related venues. A serious playground. Fancier than Mad Kert Beer Garden behind the brewery, but cooler than Madhouse Budapest. Elusive moods, jazz trios, alternative DJs, movie screenings … An effortless place that’s full of all the essential good vibes. With 11 craft beer taps, fully packed fridges and fingerfoods!