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Never Ending Trails


You are now holding a precious, secret potion in your hand, the kind that humanity pursues to find for thousands of years, the ultimate key to eternal life, spiced up with the sweetest nut blend ever created

If you think we’re done with all the nut additions in our beers, you are definitely wrong. Moreover, we just started to feel how berserk we can go with these energy bombs! On a decadent rye bourbon barrel-aged quadrupel base, all of these dried fruity notes are amplified with additional dried apricots as a final twist. Ideal as a snack for those daylong hikes, you know, the ones that you wish would last forever.

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Out of stock

Never Ending Trails

Rye Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quadruple With Roasted Nuts And Dried Apricot

600 g


water, malted barley, malted wheat, candy sugar, cashew, almond, roasted peanuts, hazelnut, apricot, hops, yeast


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