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High On Flower

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A truly controversial release, as we now see, because even though it is under MEAD SCIENTIST, it is still braggot (tldr: honey AND malt based) in a heavily hopped form. Hazy, hoppy, juicy, you could say it’s perhaps one of the possible futures of the neipa style! It’s a big favourite for us now, because we can alternate drinking it with the sweet SMOOTH HOPERATOR SUPREME with kveik yeast, which is the other spectrum of the neipa palate.

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Out of stock

High On Flower

DDH Hazy Braggot collab with Cloudwater Brew Co. (UK)

The Brew Sheet

460 g


440 ml can

water, malted barley, malted wheat, flaked wheat, flaked oats, honey, hops, yeast


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