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Happy Finish Cognac


In this bottle, you can find the beautiful harmony of scotch and cognac

As mentioned before, good things come in pairs, so, kaboom, here we go. This time the king of the spirits, cognac came into the picture. The noble barrel derives raisiny-nutty-acidic tones to the chocolaty stout base with a really unique result. It took 2 years of aging and caring but it was completely worth it. It is highly recommended to taste it along with its brother from another mother, the calvados barrel.


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Out of stock

Happy Finish Cognac

Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Aged In Scotch And Cognac Barrels

600 g


water, malted barley, malted wheat, flaked oats, caramelized oatmalt, hops, yeast

BA Imperial Stout

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