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Coco-Choco Armageddon


We know. Talking about Bounty in a coconut-chocolate stout is such a cliché but we cannot afford not to do so. From the first sniff until the last sip coconut is everywhere complemented by a more bitter than sweet chocolate tone. A little vanilla and lots of chocolate come from the bourbon barrel but this time we resisted the temptation and didn’t add more vanilla to the composition as the true character of chocolate seemed to be more fascinating. Our second BA coconut imperial stout (after Monster Monday) flashes a completely different side of this nut (that isn’t actually a nut).

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Coco-Choco Armageddon

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cocoa beans and hand-roasted coconut

1500 g


BA Imperial Stout

750 ml

coconut, water, cacao nibs, caramelized oat, flaked oats, hops, malted barley, malted wheat, yeast