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Sweet Spot


In the perpetual seek for an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities

We are about to release our first Barre Project stout-mead hybrid and we couldn’t be more excited. To grab life by the throat we picked a medium-dry imperial stout that was aged for almost 2 years in 2 barrels (first Bourbon, then Oloroso sherry) and we mixed it with a sweet mead that sat in a tequila barrel for more than a year. The result is a brand new category, at least from our point of view, where chocolate, berries, and the spicy-sweet honey characters are the main pillars, but beyond that oakiness, vanilla and a whole bunch of other paper-thin notes collide, you know, just to make sure you can find your sweet spot!

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Out of stock

Sweet Spot

Blend Of Double Barrel (Bourbon & Sherry) Aged Imperial Stout And Tequila Barrel Aged Mead

600 g


water, malted barley, malted wheat, flaked oats, honey, caramelized oatmalt, hops, yeast

BA Imperial Stout

500 ml

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