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Walrus 2: The Revenge Of The ‘Nuss


The Walrus is back in town and this time he totally GOES NUTS

When we experimented with ‘I am The Walnut’ a decision was made that besides the beast we have to create his evil twin: a darker, older, but still gentle brother. So we put tons and tons of hand-roasted walnuts into two different barrels of barley wine and rounded it up with vanilla. A sequel from an alternative universe! As a result, this bad boy has the chocolaty-nutty notes of walnut, that go just perfectly with the woody-spicy bourbon feel. And yes, you can say it’s boring to say this (again), but in our opinion, this is our best one so far: revenge has never tasted this good! Like a good-old VHS blockbuster, you want to check it again, again and again.

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Walrus 2: The Revenge Of The 'Nuss

Bourbon hordókban érlelt árpaborok blendje, házilag pörkölt dióval és vaníliával

1500 g


Barrel aged barleywine

750 ml

víz, árpamaláta, muscovado cukor, pörkölt dió, komló, élesztő, vanília