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Simulation Theory 2023 Madagascar


Just a kind invitation to our very own simulation if you are willing to open your mind

This beer is not just the revival of the infamous Simulation Theory originally released back in 2019, but also part of a miniseries, where we created an upgraded imperial stout base, divided it into 2 parts, and then filled them into similar Kentucky bourbon barrels, to finish them with 2 different kinds of vanilla to see what happens, focusing on the contrasts. Hereby we cordially invite you on this journey to discover all these amazing nuances. Spoiler alert: both of them are incredibly walnutty-chocolaty from the barrel itself and the Tahiti and Madagascar vanillas are in perfect symbiosis with these flavors. We’re not here to judge though. Only you are!

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Simulation Theory 2023 Madagascar

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout With Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

600 g


víz, árpamaláta, zabpehely, karamellizált zabmaláta, pörkölt árpa, komló, élesztő, vanília

BA Imperial Stout

500 ml

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