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Mr. Wonderful

5 900 Ft


“Why you think I’m out here actin’ crazy?”

Our brand new creation is rising high with the flavors of the baklava, the galaxy’s most beloved dessert. A massively caramelly sweetness as a backbone shows the mild spiciness of rye and oak, while the dominating tasting note comes from the roasted pistachios, nicely balanced out by the citrus zests, so the final product won’t be too sticky. Already thinking about another version focusing more on the chocolaty notes… Who knows? Life is crazy.

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Mr. Wonderful

Rye Bourbon Barrel-Aged Caramel Barleywine With Pistachios, Orange And Lemon Zests, Vanilla


600 g


pisztácia, víz, árpamaláta, citromhéj, kandiscukor, karamell, muscovado cukor, komló, élesztő, narancshéj, fahéj

Barrel aged barleywine

500 ml

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