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Mango Cvlt

5 900 Ft


“Real smart begins when you quit quoting other people.”

Sometimes it’s not that hard to tell if the sequel is better or worse than the original one. But with this one, things are getting really messy. As the second part of our ‘aging imperial stouts in rum barrels and finishing them with dried fruits’ miniseries (if you remember Pineapple Popup), we now used sundried mango that gave a similar vibe like pineapple: a tropical blast and the kiss of the summer built into a robust, spicy imperial stout. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up as a trilogy with Papaya in the lead role!

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Mango Cvlt

Jamaican Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout With Dried Mango


600 g


aszalt mangó, víz, árpamaláta, zabmaláta, zabpehely, pörkölt árpa, komló, élesztő

BA Imperial Stout

500 ml

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