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I am the Walnut


If you search carefully you may find traces of beer in this liquid walnut syrup.

We experimented a lot with spice additions while working on this release to find the perfect combination. Finally, the interplay of walnut, tonka and mahlep came out as the winner combo.

Yes, I know your question and the answer is: mahlep is an aromatic spice made from the seeds of a species of cherry providing the characteristics of bitter almond, cherry and marzipan. These notes perfectly match with the deep-woody walnut savors and the vibrating spiciness of tonka that strengthens up the presence of barrel-inflicted flavors. So much to explain, such a short label… Just try it.

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I am the Walnut

Jamaicai rumos hordóban érlelt árpabor dióval, mahleppel és tonkababbal

1500 g


Barrel aged barleywine

750 ml

víz, árpamaláta, dió, mahlep, tonkabab, komló, élesztő