Zolika Charity Campaign

Bid for Zolika’s company! Zolika offered 9 Barrel Project bottles from he’s own stash, you can bid for the beers and the company of Zoli on our site and you’ll be accompanied by the 9 other highest bidders.

The beers are the following:

1 db Pamela Black Imperial Porter aged in Mezcal and Jamaican Rum barrels
1 db Session Scotch Zero Carbonation Barleywine aged in an Islay Scotch Whiskey Barrel
1 db Happy Finish Tawny Port Blended Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and Porter
1 db Monster Monday Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged with walnut, coconut and cubeb pepper
1 db Pancake Party A blend of maple syrup barley wine and blackcurrant imperial pastry sour aged in a bourbon barrel
1 db Simulation Theory Bourbon Barrel Aged Ultra Vanilla Imperial Stout
1 db Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo Tequila Barrel Aged Mexican Inspired Imperial Stout With Nachos, Lime And Habanero
1 db Somlói Nodler Hungarian dessert inspired Imperial Stout with Walnuts and Pecan Nuts aged in a Jamaican Rum Barrel
+ Hellstar Four Roses Bourbon Barrel-Aged Mead with Goji Berries

After the time is up for the bids, our collegue will contact you in an e-mail.

This bidding system is new to us too. The 9 highest bidders will be the „winners”, so we kindly ask you to make a reasonable bid, so that other interrested people can bid too. Thank you for your cooperation.


Item condition: New

Total Bids Placed:

Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: cserjesl

Bidder NameBidding TimeBid
cserjesl2022. December 11. 19:3924 000 Ft
hungarikum2022. December 11. 19:0723 100 Ft
markbakacsi2022. December 11. 14:4123 000 Ft
hungarikum2022. December 10. 10:2422 100 Ft
Cefre2022. December 08. 19:5822 000 Ft
Ugyan Gabor2022. December 08. 16:5021 100 Ft
markbakacsi2022. December 06. 19:3521 000 Ft
Szalaydavid82022. December 06. 17:1620 400 Ft
zjeno2022. December 06. 08:3120 300 Ft
eddye2192022. December 05. 23:1720 200 Ft
Cefre2022. December 05. 19:2620 100 Ft
markbakacsi2022. December 05. 19:0820 000 Ft
sompeet2022. December 03. 22:0115 000 Ft
lacomaco2022. December 02. 18:518 000 Ft
gango2022. December 02. 13:546 500 Ft
Balogh Mate2022. December 02. 13:286 000 Ft
Kerekgyarto.zee2022. December 02. 13:234 000 Ft
Cetti942022. December 02. 13:213 000 Ft
laczkagyula2022. December 01. 23:582 300 Ft
norbert.szombati2022. December 01. 22:522 200 Ft
hungarikum2022. December 01. 21:052 100 Ft
Cefre2022. December 01. 09:492 000 Ft
Auction started2022. November 30. 16:51

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