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Hot Mints In Your Area


And that, kids, is how i mint your barrel.

It doesn’t matter that you are a “Yuck, toothpaste!” or an “After Eight, so splended!” guy, that beer won’t let you untouched. The wonderful unity between the moderately added mint and the generously dosed cacao beans will result in an imperial stout that is refreshing-minty in the start, round, bourbony and full bodied in the middle and finishes in an almost dry, lightly bitter chocolate taste that lastes long in your mouth with some minty overtone.
So to conclude: prepare for a complex, not too instrusively minty beer that shows the best face of cocoa.

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Hot Mints In Your Area

Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cocoa beans and mint

1500 g


BA Imperial Stout

750 ml

mint, water, cacao nibs, caramelized oat, flaked oats, hops, malted barley, malted wheat, yeast