Hidden Jam

HIDDEN JAM Belgian Saison with strawberry and rhubarb w/ Edge Brewing (ES), TuffBuzz (HU) & Black Horn (HU)

The question rises with the quad collaboration: does it even make sense? Does everyone contribute?

The answer is: of course. An unconventional brainstorming leads to an unconventional beer. The style was designed by Elliot and Tibor, the composition of fruits by Péter, the yeast and the fermentation by us. In this attempt, a classical style is being put in a modern environment. A common beer is transformed to “craft”.

It is a challenge to add any extra ingredients to the impressive character of the saison yeast. It is so dominant in style that you can’t dominate it, it is only possible to go along with it with a complimenting addition.

Anyway we added strawberries and rhubarb until we have spent an amount close to a second hand Suzuki, and hoped for the best.

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Belgian Saison with strawberry and rhubarb

330 ml bottle