Black Horchata

6 900 Ft


The king of crowdpleasers, dear Ladies and Gentlemen and other earthlings! Black Horchata launches a smooth attack against your taste buds with the power of vanilla and cinnamon, blackboned (sic!) by a stout full with lactose that has been aged for more than 1 year in a Kentucky bourbon barrel. The name comes from its undeniable similarity with the well-known Mexican soft drink but beyond this, we can’t really recommend it for breakfast. You know. It’s 11% ABV. Maybe for launch

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A Blend Of Imperial Milk Stout And Imperial Porter Aged In Bourbon Barrel With Vanilla And Cinnamon

The Brew Sheet

1500 g


BA Milk Stout

750 ml

water, caramelized oat, cinnamon, flaked oats, hops, malted barley, malted wheat, vanilla, yeast

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