IX. Mad Scientist Chess & Beer Amateur Chess Competition (1106 Maglódi street 47.)

IX. Mad Scientist Chess’n’Beer Amateur Chess Competition at Mad Kert (1106 Maglódi street 47.)

Chess is back, alright! We like to think that thinking, strategy and gaming is good. You don’t have to take it dead seriously, we just want to have some beers over the chess table with you, on a Sunday afternoon. We’ll sponsor this, if you have the time, to play with the best amateurs, under good conditions and with good beers. The more people the merrier!

The number of players is limited (80 person this time actually) so make sure you register on time!


All amateurs are welcome to the competition (with maximum 1200 ELO points if you have a ranking).
7 round tournament, in Swiss system, 2×15 minutes without bonus time. In the event of a tie, the Buchholz evaluation decides first, the progressive value second, and the Berger-Sonneborn calculation third.


The first THREE winners will receive a beer package.

Entry fee

3000 HUF you can drink for at the bar


You can ENTER HERE by purchasing a ticket through our webshop.
If the limit is not met, it is possible to register on the spot for a registration fee of HUF 4000. This amount can also be consumed.
Only persons over the age of 18 may enter the competition. The competition details here above are for your kind information only. The organizers reserve the right to make changes in all matters.