Falcon Punch

  • Alcohol: 8 %
  • Style: Double Dry-Hopped DIPA

FALCON PUNCH ddh dipa 8%

These keg-only beers are available on the market for only two months, then what’s left will be destroyed (or consumed in house ha-ha). We’re trying to guarantee that everyone can drink them in their proper, fresh condition!

Have you ever been hit on the face with a bag of 10 kg Citra? If yes, no need to read further. This DDH DIPA is a shameless exaggeration on purpose… A grapefruit juice shower in the pine forest, leaving no rest time for your taste buds. Despite the 8.2% ABV, it hits you only after the third beer. You may even say that the first alone is too much to drink but the first sip is followed by the second and the rest as it is so easy to get lost in it. Keg-only, fresh and one time only – drink it while it lasts!

Falcon punch has a classic Citra-Galaxy base, dry hopped twice with Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado and a new variety. Dry Hop Intensity: 25 G / l